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enjoy your stay!

10/13/23: -new journal post
-spooky homepage makeover

8/16/23: -added homepage info box
-new journal post

6/25/23: -new journal post
-small site adjustments

5/14/23: -added webring on links page
-added to toybox

5/9/23: -site appearance adjustment
-added to toybox
-basil news
-new journal post

4/27/23: new journal post

4/23/23: -css overhaul done!
-new journal & basil post

4/21/23: -overhauling css!
-created trip coundtown

4/12/23: journal live!

4/12/23: gallery live!

4/12/23: new basil posts

2/23/23: all pages work now!

2/22/23: added osrs & updated about

2/21/23: added about and gallery

2/20/23: first basil post!