april 28, 2023

some of my friends came over this weekend and we got to play pizza tower together! it's heavily based off of the game warioland 4, one of my favorite games. the movement in the game makes you feel "like you have pizza sauce on the bottoms of your shoes," according to my friend.

i customized my keyboard lighting scheme last night and the color combination i chose is so beautiful, i'm considering making my website match! it's got a wave effect over it, a nice combination of pink, pale orange, light purple, and the keys glow a shade of deep blue whenever pressed. so pretty!

on another note, my partner and i bought some plants and rehomed them as you can see on entry 4 on the basil page. unfortunately, the same evening we did so, there were strong winds that came through, and basil's little stems got weak from being blown around. i tried to fix him up as best as i could, giving him as much love as possible, so i hope he is able to bounce back soon.