may 9, 2023

lots of news this time!
to start off with, if you haven't checked out the basil page yet, basil, mint, and cilantro have unfortunately passed away. i think the main reason may have been overwatering. although the soil felt correct to me, i am still a beginner plant parent so i may have made a number of mistakes. i will do better next time.

another bit of news that you probably knew from the home page, is my trip to japan is very soon!! at this time next week, i will be on the plane! it'll be my first time flying so i am a little nervous, but i'll have my friends with me so i'll be okay!

you may have also read that my friends and i hosted a crawfish boil this past weekend. i'll link some cool images that i took there at the end of this entry. it was a very good time, and the crawfish were delicious! i also think i ate around five boiled potatoes.

the fixins a crawfish reaching out the final spread