june 25, 2023

hey there, been a while!

during my absence, you may have noticed that the "countdown to japan" timer has claimed that i was in japan for over a month... which i wish was true, but unfortunately i've just been so busy i haven't had the time to change my site until now!
when we got back from japan, we almost immediately had to start packing to move house. we knew we would have to, but it's still not pleasant! once we get settled into the new house, i will be sure to post some images from the trip!

in other news, i got to do some cel paint work (shiage) on gawr gura's anime opening that she premiered a few days ago. after she premiered it, she said my name out loud to 36,000 live viewers... kinda nerve-wracking, but very awesome nonetheless!! i'm very glad i was picked to help out with it.

that's about it for this time. i wish i could say "i've got to go pack," but truthfully i'm just going to go play stardew valley.