august 16, 2023

hey there, it's been even longer of a while!

since last update, we've successfully moved house! it went smoother than we expected, it was actually quite seamless. of course it takes a little time to get used to living somewhere new, but i love unpacking everything as soon as i can, so the new house quickly became home. it feels like "grandma's house" straight out of the 80's, so it's right up our alley. it's so cozy! one of the (many) cool parts of the move is that we were finally able to set up the dance machines in the office!
(apologies for the poor quality image)

that's about it for today's update. i've got lots more to say, but i'll save it for future posts.

and don't worry, i haven't forgotten about my promise to post photos i took in japan!
keep looking out for it!