october 13, 2023

happy friday the 13th, everyone!

i just got back from a nice night out with friends. we went to a restaurant in the area that had awesome antique marine decor. when you walked in, you could smell how old the building was. (it wasn't unpleasant, just the "this building is older than me" smell) it was very comfy! there was also a live jazz band playing there, so it had a really nice ambiance.

the evening was enjoyable, but i was very excited to get home and finish my website changes... heh
i only changed the homepage, but i love the color and vibe so much i'm considering changing my whole website in the same aesthetic.
last time i did this, however, it was so much work... so i'm not sure if i will LOL.

you'll find out if i changed my mind about it if the month is may and my site still looks like a haunted house...

if there are no updates between now and the end of the month, happy halloween to you!